About the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA)

The Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) was formed in January of 1997 and has since deployed over 150 artificial reefs.

The primary function of the organization is the conservation and environmental improvement of our natural and artificial marine reef systems in the Gulf of Mexico near Mexico Beach, Florida, but that is not all that has been done by the organization. Since its inception, the MBARA has also worked very hard to conduct and promote scientific research and evaluation of reef designs, biomass development, and fish productions.

The third function of the MBARA is educating the public about the importance of reef systems to the marine ecosystem, and the impact they have on the coastal communities where they are built. All parties benefit when the information on reefs is disseminated to the public. School children, the organization's members, and the general public need to know all about reefs and reef building in order to help promote conservation and environmental improvement of the marine reef systems.

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2021 Kingfish Tournament cancelled; but, the Party will go on!


IMPORTANT MBARA Kingfish Tournament News

Due to unsafe sea conditions on Saturday, MBARA feels we must cancel the fishing competition.  However, the CAPTAINS PARTY WILL STILL GO ON!  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so we are asking for your support.  We have food, silent auctions, raffles, and a great time.  All captains registered for the tournament will be eligible for over 80 door prize certificates.  Online registration is still open for those who wish to support us.  www.MBARA.org  We will run this event on your donations and generosity.  If you would like to come out and join the fun without registering, please sign up to become an MBARA member or donate.  Captains who do not wish to donate their registration fee, please contact us.  Due to permitting, scheduling conflicts, and insurance issues, we are not able to reschedule the tournament.  Thank you for your understanding.  Our main concern is for your safety and the safety of our first responders.