About the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA)

The Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) was formed in January of 1997 and has since deployed over 150 artificial reefs.

The primary function of the organization is the conservation and environmental improvement of our natural and artificial marine reef systems in the Gulf of Mexico near Mexico Beach, Florida, but that is not all that has been done by the organization. Since its inception, the MBARA has also worked very hard to conduct and promote scientific research and evaluation of reef designs, biomass development, and fish productions.

The third function of the MBARA is educating the public about the importance of reef systems to the marine ecosystem, and the impact they have on the coastal communities where they are built. All parties benefit when the information on reefs is disseminated to the public. School children, the organization's members, and the general public need to know all about reefs and reef building in order to help promote conservation and environmental improvement of the marine reef systems.

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Seeking Nominees for MBARA Board of Director Positions

The Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) seeks nominees for its Board of Directors.  The election meeting is on January 6th, 2022.

The MBARA is an all-volunteer non-profit organization designated to manage Mexico Beach’s artificial reef program by fundraising and installation and monitoring of artificial reefs in accordance State and Federal permits.  We are looking for active people motivated by rewarding accomplishments benefiting our marine ecology and recreational use.

Candidates with a good understanding and knowledge of artificial reefs are highly desired.  Retirees or others with ample time to devote as volunteers are highly preferred.  These are all volunteer positions without financial compensation.  The positions are:

President:  Candidates should be willing to work closely with the City of Mexico Beach, Bay County Artificial Reef Coordinator/Florida Sea Grant, FWC, FDEP, and USACE.

Vice President:  Candidates must act in the President’s absence and assist other Directors with their duties.

Secretary:  Candidates  take and publish meeting minutes and perform other clerical duties.

Treasurer:  Candidates must pass a background screen, have good accounting skills and be familiar with Quickbooks and perform annual tax reporting.

Tournament Director:  Candidates must plan and execute our annual Kingfish Tournament.  Planning includes recruiting sponsors and volunteers to support this fundraising event.

Membership Director:  Candidates must promote membership and maintain a data base of members.

Director of Online Sales and Merchandise:  Candidates must manage website store sales.

Director of Local Fishing Information:  Candidates must communicate with local fishermen, collect information pertinent to fishing successes and issues  supporting reef development decisions.

Director of Artificial Reef Plans and Construction:  Candidates must plan reef construction, execute project administrative actions and supervise reef construction.  Also, be able accomplish reef monitoring and reporting by diving with video and photographic equipment.

Director of Memorial Reef Program:  Candidates must communicate with people requesting memorial reefs, coordinate arrangements, and collect donations.

For inquiries or nomination considerations, please contact MBARA President, Bob Cox at mexicobeachreefs@gmail.com or call 850-527-6306 by no later than January 3rd, 2022.