Slippery Dick wrasses

Pat Mulligan Reef

Deployed 02/22/2007. 10 Walters Marine "Florida Special" pyramid reef modules with rock panels. Position verified and photographed by MBARA divers Bob and Carol Cox on 20 Sep 2010. The owners of Mexico Beach Marina are pleased to work with the MBARA to dedicate a reef in honor of Pat Mulligan, the father of one of the owners and an avid fisherman. The owners of Mexico Beach Marina are thankful for MBARA and all the work they do to increase marine life in the local area. The MBARA also graciously thanks Mexico Beach Marina for their continued and outstanding support of artificial reefs.

Reef Area: BridgeSpan11Site
LAT: 29 44.921
LON: 85 42.635
Range: 18.96
Bearing: 230.4
Depth: 104 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.