Kirby Watkins Memorial Reef

This reef is placed in loving memory of our son, grandson and brother, Kirby S. Watkins. Kirby grew up coming to Mexico Beach and fishing with his family from a very young age. He loved everything about coming to the beach and being with his family. We will always love and remember the joyful times we shared together. This reef consists of two 8' FLorida Limestone Artificial Reefs deployed on 2 May 2022, verified by MBARA. Surveyed by divers Bob and Carol Cox on 7 Jun 2022.

Reef Area: BridgeRubbleSite
LAT: 29 46.263
LON: 85 36.051
Range: 13.9
Bearing: 220
Depth: 84 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.