Tennessee Chuck McKibbonville

3 Super Reef, steel reinforced concrete/limestone, 15'H X 15-ft triangular base, 36,000 lbs ea. 1 Ecosystem on Pedestal 5'H X 42" Dia, 4,000 lbs each. 9 Florida Limestone Artificial Reef mod, steel reinforced concrete, 8'H X 10-ft triangular base, 5,000 lbs ea. Placed on 17 May 2020 and verified MBARA diver Bob Cox on 17 May 2020. On 24 Feb 2021, 27 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs measuring 8'H X 10-ft triangular base at 5,000 lbs ea. The overall dimension of this reef are 485 feet long by 80 feet wide.

Reef Area: Crooked Island Site
LAT: 29 54.810
LON: 85 33.054
Range: 6.6
Bearing: 251
Depth: 65 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.