MB-202 Unnamed

2 Super Reefs with discs at apexes. 18 feet tall. Deployed on 14 Oct 2016. 10 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs measuring 8 feet tall added on 11 Nov 2016. The structures are placed in a linear pattern running from E to W at an approximate length of 85 feet. From the waypoint, navigate 266 degrees for 85 feet. This reef was constructed under FWC Grant 15158 with funds from the Natural Resources Damage Assessment Phase III. 10 Grouper Reefs added on 21 Apr 2017. Position verified on 4 May 2020.

Reef Area: Crooked Island Site
LAT: 29 55.085
LON: 85 36.315
Range: 9.3
Bearing: 258
Depth: 76 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.