Aida Gonzales Memorial Reef

This memorial reef was commissioned by the owners of Mexico Beach Marina to honor Aida Gonzales, the mother of Melba Odum, one of the owners of Mexico Beach Marina. Melba is truly touched to have her mother honored in this way and at the same time being able to assist the MBARA in it's continued efforts in building reefs. Melba's father Fred, sisters Aida and Delilah and brother Fred Jr. all sincerely thank the MBARA for this wonderful memorial in honor of such a beautiful and loving soul. This reef is composed of 1 Ecosystem, 5 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs, and 1 Grouper Reef deployed 6 Apr 2012 under FWC grant 11224 and MBARA funding. Verified by MBARA diver Bob Cox on 12 Jun 2020.

Reef Area: NorthSite
LAT: 29 46.321
LON: 85 41.704
Range: 17.4
Bearing: 232
Depth: 96 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.