Mike Trombley Reef

Mike Trombley was one of the original founders of MBARA and helped it to become one of the most active volunteer artificial reef programs in Florida. Concrete culverts & pipes on sand bottom in 20' of water. Reef height 4'. Deployed 9 Feb 2000. 4 Florida Limestone Artificial Reefs measuring 8 feet tall added on 10 Nov 2016. This reef addition was constructed under FWC Grant 15158 with funds from the Natural Resources Damage Assessment Phase III. Two piling mounted Ecosystems added on 26 Apr 2017. Verified 3 Jan 2021

Reef Area: Bell Shoal
LAT: 29 54.707
LON: 85 28.539
Range: 3.35
Bearing: 225
Depth: 23 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.