Drew's Reef

“Drew’s Reef” in memory of Drewey Hampton Pridgen, III This memorial was commissioned and constructed by Drew's father, Hamp Pridgen; sister, Rebekkah Heaton; and niece, Catherine Heaton. Drew's Reef was placed in its final resting place on 28 Sep 2010 with its plaque facing East. The plaque has the following inscription: Drewey H. Pridgen, III June 22, 1977 June 17, 2007 Drew, Let your soul sail, our dear son, brother and friend. The structure is an 8-foot high Florida Artificial Limestone Reef with a plaque facing East. Position verified by Bob Cox on 1 Oct 2020. Structure moved from 29 54.577 and 85 32.376 to current location during Hurricane Michael.

Reef Area: Car Body
LAT: 29 54.587
LON: 85 32.375
Range: 6.2
Bearing: 247
Depth: 60 feet
Range and Bearing is taken from mouth of Mexico Beach Canal.