Individual & Corporate Sponsorships

When the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) was formed in 1997 interested individuals and businesses were eager to help out with improving our fisheries habitat. Many indicated that they would like to contribute more than just a membership fee. The MBARA developed a program to allow those groups to participate by constructing an artificial reef named after themselves or their business entities.
The popularity of the program was enhanced by the income tax deductibility of contributions to 501(c)(3) not for profit corporations. The corporate and individually sponsored artificial reefs are permanently named and publicly promoted as such according to the wishes of those that provide the funding and or materials that enable fisheries enhancement for future generations.

If you or your business are excited about the possiblities of participating in such a valuable program please contact Bob Cox, MBARA President.

Reef Sites

Bay County LAARS Site B
Big Bend Salt Water Classic Reef
Bluewater Outriggers No 1
Bluewater Outriggers No 2
Bluewater Outriggers No 3
City of Mexico Beach 2005 Grant Reef
Marquardts Offshore Classic 2010

Bell Shoal
Beanie & Hosehead Reef
Duke Energy Reef 1
Mexico Beach CDC Reef
The SandHunt

Bluewater Outriggers No 7
Crazy Blonde Reef
Jon Dodrill's Reef
PENN Fishing Reef

Bluewater Outriggers No. 9
Marquardt Offshore Classic Reef
St Joe Community Foundation Reef

Car Body
2014 Ling Ding Winners Reef
Arizona Chemical Reef
Bayou Bash Reef
Bobby Guilford Reef
Chuck Guilford Reef
City of MB 2003 Grant Reef
City of Mexico Beach 2001 Grant Reef
City of Mexico Beach 2002 Grant Reef
Compleat Anglers Reef
Concorde Body Shop Reef
Deep South Crane Reef
Earl Nichol's Reef
Fish America Foundation Reef
Ginger's Reef
Henry and Jim Reef
Marquardt's Barge
Nicole's Reef
Smurfit-Stone Reef No 1
Smurfit-Stone Reef No 2
Smurfit-Stone Reef No 3
Smurfit-Stone Reef No 4
Smurfit-Stone Reef No 5
St. Joe Route Reef
Tenneesee Chuck McKibbon Reef

Crooked Island Site
Costin Moore Reef
Recreational Fishing Alliance
Shipwreck Raw Bar Reef
Tennessee Chuck McKibbonville

Fantasy Properties' Reef

98 Real Estate Group Ling Ding Reef
Bill Horn's Reef
Bluewater Outriggers No 6
Century Boat Reef
Duke Energy 2
Duke Energy North Site Reef
Duke Energy Reef (shrimpboat Shady Lady)
Southerland Family Reef
The Courtney Knight Gaines Foundation Reef

Sherman Site
CCA Reef
St Joe Community Foundation Reef 2

Bluewater Outriggers No 5
Gypsy Gentlemen
Peter Vander Maazen Reef 1

Bluewater Outriggers No 4
Floridaze Reef