Memorial Reefs

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Bay County LAARS Site B
B.W. Ritch Sr. Reef
Don Ard Memorial Reef
G. Merrill Clift Memorial Reef
Gene Childs Memorial Reef
Larry Harrell Memorial Reef
Tom Maher Reef

Bell Shoal
Bill Cranford Reef
Billie & Jack Smith Reef
Billy Gillen Memorial Reef
Brian Moeller Reef
Capt. Tom Hudson Memorial Reef
Emerald Mermaid by Charles-Bowling-Yates Our Family Reef
Gorday's Memorial Reef
Haney Family Reef
Jackie and Howard Spann Family Reef
James King Memorial
Jim Whitright Memorial Reef
Jimmy Stephens Family Memorial Reef
John and Darlene Cox Family Memorial Reef
John Thompson Memorial Reef
Karl Sinclair Franz Memorial Reef
Mac Crutchfield's Reef No. 2
Michael Golden Memorial Reef
Mike Trombley Reef
Pamela Scheer Coplin's Reef
Peter Spinelli
Phinizy Reef

Andy Weeks Memorial
Carl "Frank" Hester Reef
Chad M. Plant Memorial Reef
Kyle Barron Memorial
Lee Woodham Memorial Reef
Marlin Ray Trotter Memorial Reef

Courtney Knight Gaines Reef
Ducky Reef
Lewis Allen Brooks Reef
O'Keefe Reef
Pat Mulligan Reef
Raleigh's Reef
Zula Lee Cooke Reef

Car Body
Brian Williams Memorial
Bubbles and Squash Frazier Memorial Reef
Buddy Jacobs Memorial Reef
Charles F. House Reef
Drew's Reef
Garfield Wilson Reef
Hale's Hole
Hannon Smith Reef
Hanson's Reef
Hotop Memorial Reef
Jerry Combs Reef
Jim McCoullough Reef
Jim Taylor Memorial Reef
Joe Rizzie Memorial Reef
John Griscom Memorial Reef
Leonard Lindsey Memorial
Martin Memorial
Mexico Beach Memorial Reef
Mike Neal Memorial Reef No 1
Mike Neal Memorial Reef No 2
Miss Birdie's Reef
Monachelli Memorial Reef
Raymond Miles Reef
Reid’s Retreat
Robert Durham Memorial
Sikes Memorial Reef
Stewart Unkles Jr. USMMA '45
Willie Krause Reef

Crooked Island Site
Alexander Barrow Memorial Reef
Elizabeth Marie Nelson Reef
James Swiger Memorial Reef
Jay Frost Memorial
Military and Veterans Reef
Sharyn Joy and Terry Kerns Memorial Reef

Cole Turner Memorial Reef
Roy Crowe Memorial Reef
Steve Mason Memorial Reef

Aida Gonzales Memorial Reef
David Hall Marshall Memorial Reef
Greg A. Dickson Reef
R.H. “Harrell” Guy, Jr. Memorial Reef
Stephen A. Cook Reef

Bud Odom Memorial Reef
Charlie Parker Memorial Reef
Clay Eubanks Memorial Reef

Candi Daniel Memorial Reef
Charles Deaton Memorial
George Duren Family Reef
Jed Campbell Reef
John and Melba's Reef Chief
Mac Crutchfield's Reef
William T. Reiners III Memorial