MBARA Reef Survey Worksheet - version 1.0

Reef Site Name: Smurfit-Stone #2               Depth: 70 ft

Survey Date: August 12, 2009            Survey Time: 12:30 ET

Weather conditions and sea state: Sunny/Cloudy.  Seas 1-2 ft

Boat Name : Bobcat               Boat Captain: Robert Cox

Dive Leader: Robert Cox

Dive Team:          Carol Cox and Jerry Erwin


Position Readings

Loran Manufacturer & model:

TD 1:                                                          TD 2:                                                                   

GPS Manufacturer & model:                                                                              

N Lat.:                                                W Lon.:                                                

Differential GPS Manufacturer & model: Garmin GPSMAP 188C         

N Lat.: 29 53.230          W Lon.: 85 32.426


In-Water Readings

Water Temp - surface: 88 degrees                 bottom: 81

Visibility - surface: 50+ ft                           bottom: 20-30 ft

Specific Gravity - surface:                            bottom:                                            

Current - direction: none                                speed: none

Thermocline Depth: 50 ft

Bottom Composition: Sand

Reef Materials & Quantity:  4 each Smurfit Stone Digesters

Reef Height (average): Approximately 8-10 ft

Reef Physical Condition:          Good.  No damage. 

Biological Growth: Heavy encrustation growth.  Heavy wire coral growth on tops.

Fish Count: 40+ small Gag Grouper, 60+ small Red Snapper, 40+ small Gray Snapper, 6 Spanish Mackerel, 10+ Blue Angelfish, moderate schools of a variety of bait fish, 10+ Grey Trigger Fish.

Other Comments: Photos taken.